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CS:GO Betting Guide

We have a tendency of writing quite the long essays, so we will do our best to make this short and sweet. The information we have gathered below is from our personal experience in betting.

There are things that we, as punters, have to understand before we can start betting. Here are some grounders that you have to know before you begin gambling. Continue reading our CS:GO betting guide to learn how to bet on CS:GO

Betting is About Both Winning and Losing

This is the number one misconception about gambling. Before you start betting, you have to understand this concept. You will win some games, you will lose others. There are people who have a strange mindset that they can win absolutely every match they wager on. When they do not win their bets, they blame the teams they bet on or any other factor that is not they. This is completely wrong. You are still in the business of betting, and very few people have made it out of gambling without losing. So, you should not be disheartened if you have had a bad day, everyone does.

Know the Players and the Teams

Get Familiar With Teams and Players Before Betting

We cannot stress this enough. In sports betting, you can research and analyze the performance of a team. It is not just pure luck. So, if you are new to CS:GO, and you are eager to hop on the gambling scene, please research or watch the teams play. If there are games where you do not know a lot about any of the teams, simply find out more. If you cannot reach a conclusion, do not bet. Yes, it is that simple. Note that what we think is right, might not be the same for you.

This is addressed specifically towards new CS:GO, punters. We have seen a tonne of people on D2Lounge jumping to CSGL and asking us for advice. After 2 weeks they give up and return to D2 gambling. It is because they do not have the passion for the game, and they do not bother to watch the games. It is obvious that if you do not play CS:GO or watch games, you should not try to make money from CSGL. To start earning money, you will have to know basics of eSports betting, the players and the teams.

Analysis is not Perfect

This is something that has been mentioned many times, but we will say it once again. We are all here for analysis, we know that. However, you should know that if a specific comment looks, sounds, and feels good, it still might be wrong. After all, it is just what another punter thinks. What we do instead, is read through every comment on a forum or thread. Have a rough idea what the majority thinks, then jump to HTLV to look at some stats.

However, we should not kid ourselves. There are times in which we have no idea which is the teams, but we need to wager. In that case, you should do some research.

Do Not Be Fooled By the Odds

CS:GO Odds Comparison

I do not think that many of you will not fall victim to this, but there are people who have done it. Do not fall victim to the odds. We cannot stress this enough. Odds are determined by other punters. The more you place on team A, the bigger the odds. Particularly for relatively unknown teams, this is how you can sway the odds. You can get several people to bet the maximum amount on the weaker team to make them look good, and they swap back in the last minute.

For instance, several months ago Platinum was playing versus AaA on CSGL. The team had 30% odds, and there was barely any information anywhere. So, the research took about one hour, and we found out that Platinum as a good team, and on Vakarm they had 60% odds. Research gives you a massive advantage, and that is how I got a winning bet on Platinum. And remember that it is always a must to know the teams that you are gambling on, so you should not be fooled by the odds.

Keep Track of Your Money

This one is quite simple. You should always keep track of how much money you have lost and won at the end of the day, so you will know how much you will be able to bet next time. Do not assume that if you have won 3 wagers, you can go nuts the next day. Always keep track of your finances.

Betting on the Underdog

Underdog wagers, as you might have seen, are the fastest way to earn maximum profit. However, the chances of this to happen are relatively small. Thus, the question that is on everyone’s mind is how do you know which wager to risk on an underdog wager?

Betting on the Underdog

While there is no straight answer, the best way to find an underdog wager is to know the teams. The thing about betting on the underdog is that it is very risky. You are either gambling on the fact that the underdog has the potential to upset or if the other team is not performing well. These factors are viable from one day to another. You will definitely lose more underdog wagers, but each one that you win should be big enough to cover several losses.

It is not a foolproof way of gambling, but it is a general principle we followed. Of course, this depends on the teams as well.

The point is to not wager on an underdog just for doing so. Sometimes it is not worth it, as the underdog has no chances. If you are trying to clear your returns, that’s fine. However, you should know that an underdog bet is surely not an ICB one. You want to profit off an underdog wager, whereas for ICB’s you just need to take out the items from your returns.

All In

Do not be stupid. You might get away with it once or twice, then you will start losing all of them. We know that some of you will come back stating, but if I don’t go bit, then I’m not gambling. All we can say about that is that you are welcome to lose all of your skins.

Just keep in mind that all in is not the way to go. Even on 80% odds, each team has a chance of losing, this is why you do not have 100% matches.

Odds Swaying

When you read through analysis be aware of the swayers. They are usually people who like betting on a team because they are better. It boils down to knowing the teams, and not whether they are easy or not.

Skins Exchange

So, what do you do after winning your fair share of bets?

CS:GO Skinns Exchange

Setting goals is crucial because it limits the losses you might have in the future. When you reach your initial goal and exchange your skins, or bet and won one, you might not use it to gamble. It took you so long to get the skin, why would you hurry to lose it.

So just set goals for yourself. It does have a lot to do with gambling, but if you are in CS:GO for the long run, you should learn how to appreciate the skins. For instance, if you buy a fire serpent MW, it would be about $130, after time its value increases, it used to be $60! If you can identify the skins that will rise in value over time, you will earn a lot.

In Dota 2, I got a dragon claw hook very early, when it was about 12 keys and not it’s so much more expensive.

This is the end of our CS:GO betting guide. We might have typed too much and stretched our points out, so sorry it if was too long. We hope that we have helped you. If you have got any feedback, feel free to contact us.

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