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Starcraft 2 Betting – a Stellar Opportunity to Get Off the Beaten Track

Starcraft 2 was released worldwide in July 2010 and  was met with very positive reviews from critics.

Starcraft is one of the games most dear to the thirty-somethings who feel young at heart. The game has experienced an unheard-of upsurge in popularity on account of the Korean game masters who served the role of ambassadors in the early 21st century. Now the sequel is widely renowned for its diverse gameplay, which makes it perfect for competitions.

Don’t be fooled, this is not just another video game, there are monstrous prize pools and gleaming titles at stake. All the prerequisites for a nerve-shredding season are there and believe us, the giant Blizzard Entertainment knows how to whip up the hype to immeasurable levels.

Now, that you know Starcraft 2 betting is a skill that pays big, it’s time for us to come in. Our job is to keep you in the loop and help you exploit the opportunities as they come out. We’ll be there to give you steer as the pros play their hearts out, and hopefully, you’ll get a taste of how prolific eSports betting can actually be.

Why Starcraft 2 Betting Holds Promise?

Starcraft 2 is not one of those computer games that promise the world but deliver little at the end. The title has caught the eye of many sportsbooks like Tipbet for a reason. They go as far as to offer plenty of betting lines, but you must have the cognition to identify the cost-effective ones among them.

This may not be as hard as it sounds because learning the game comes naturally and betting is made to be extremely easy. Simply by watching, you can pick up on the important bits and who’s winning. Everything makes sense to the unbiased observer and besides the satisfaction of watching an entertaining match, betting on it becomes an overall enjoyable experience as well.

Starcraft 2 is the only one of its kind to be considered a top-shelf discipline in competitive gaming. We are talking about an RTS (real-time strategy) steeped in history here. As such, it may feature exclusive betting lines that are not available for other eSports. Be that as it may, this is just a glimpse of the positives, so keep reading.

Explore the Multitude of Betting Options

You need to know the basic types of bets and how to make the biggest profit of them.

Alone, an avid desire to lay wagers on your preferred eSport is not enough. As is the case with Starcraft 2 betting, you’ve got to know the basic types of punts that are on tap and of course how to make the most of them.

You should also wake up to the fact that Starcraft 2, unlike the other popular eSports, is widely known for its heads-up play rather than team matches. This means you won’t get a price for lines such as Number of Kills and First Blood because of such dynamics a practically inexistent in the game.

What you can do however is, try to determine who will win the map, as certain maps usually favor specific races, and if you tend to trust the statistic you can place a solid bet right off the bat. Over and above the map winner, predicting the champion in a tournament also holds value.

This sounds doubly reasonable if you try to back the beaten favorite who’s trying to settle the score. Even the best start on the wrong foot sometimes, and if there isn’t a loser’s bracket in the tournament scheme it all ends right there. That’s why it’s generally good practice to seek out the beaten favorites and bet them as outright winners the next year.

Excel in Starcraft 2 Betting with In-Play

StarCraft 2 live betting feature is not available in every market.

Being able to act on the moment is overly important when talking eSports, a dimension of cat reflexes and out-of-this-world APM (actions per minute). One way to hedge your bet against the elements is In-Play also known as Live Betting. Sometimes this feature will be available only on a select range of markets but for the most part, it should be utilizable for every Starcraft 2 match listed onsite. What makes this functionality so valuable is that it enables you to place wagers whilst the action takes place.

Practiced eSports punters know that Starcraft 2 games can go on for 40-50 minutes straight, even an hour on rare occasions, but those who know where to look can see a consistent story being told throughout and can spot the winner 10-15 minutes into the match.

If pre-match blunders have been the culprit of your betting woes, you should really try messing with the live action a little more. For one thing – your predictions carry more weight when based on deep-seated, firsthand observations. Moreover, you’ll eliminate the possibility of being completely out of line going into an event without knowing much about the players and/or tournament structure.

How You Should Bet on Starcraft 2

If we still haven’t given that away, our favorite way to bet on Starcraft 2 is via the In-Play section. However, we are nevertheless keen on other means of wagering and can see value in outrights and even pre-match, for what it’s worth. Although all of the aforementioned are presumably dissimilar, they share something in common, and that’s you need to do a research before trying to make a prediction. Because once you start hazarding guesses you’ll find yourself on a slippery slope immediately.

Topmost in your mind should always be how to gather information about the event you’re interested in. But this is also one of the easiest things to do. By dint of the numerous fervent casters who not only host live games but also provide expert commentary on pro replays. You don’t have to rivet your attention solely on watching replays but this is what we think will get you on speaking terms with the game the quickest. Whether it be watching the pros duking it out or delving deeply into statistical data, you need something to cling on to in order to make a good decision.

Manifold Tournaments Spice Up the Action

GSL is the most recognizable tournament on StarCraft 2 calendar.

Starcraft 2 tourneys are now a much-acclaimed part of the betting markets of most self-respecting bookies. Some tournaments bear higher significance than others, hence attracting greater sponsorship that ultimately determines the bigger size of their prize pools.

It’s the frenetic spectacle of the Asian players that have set the wheels of Starcraft 2 in motion and is still what keeps the pot boiling. Should you hunger after a premium cut of the action, then we thoroughly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for competitions that take place in Shanghai. GSL is the most recognizable one, while the improvised Masters is highly likely to feature players that you’re more familiar with.

Even though Starcraft 2 doesn’t enjoy such massive following in the US as in the Eastern parts of Asia, there are tournaments in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Toronto that generate interest. Despite that, it’s seemingly impossible to revive the huge attendance and near fanatic cheering crowds in that part of the world.

You can count on Europe and Korea to deliver distilled tournament action too, which is not to be undervalued. As far as big sponsored events are concerned these are the hotspots that perk up punters’ ears the most. However, there are private LAN games, Major Leagues and Exhibition matches that too fall into the scope of some Starcraft 2 betting sites.

How to Find a Good Starcraft 2 Betting Site?

It’s widely suggested that the makings of a good online bookmaker have everything to do with the number of major events covered, live streams and on-the-go functionality. Why would you want anything else when betting on SC2? We make sure that the major tournaments get ample coverage on the sites we approve. In addition to that, we test how they work on smartphones and tablet so that you can have the freedom of mobility should you decide to wager on-the-move.

Can You Extract Value from Starcraft 2 Today?

SC2 tournament life has suffered a decline in popularity due to a shift on emphasis lead by the heavyweights in the MOBA genre, so, it’s definitely not what it used to be. Others have it on the rumors of match-fixing that snowballed in time and took away from the glamour of what once was the king of eSports. It would be useless to speculate whether such accusations hold water, what’s important for us as punters are that the issue was dealt with appropriately and Starcraft 2 is again on the map of sports betting.

As a matter of course, we check odds and betting options regularly and we have to say nothing has really changed there. Odds scraping remains unspoiled. Betting on the game is just as easy as before and even if you’ve just started, it’s that simple to get in on the act. The aforementioned, altogether, seal in the benefits of Starcraft 2 betting and make it one of our preferred options.

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