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League of Legends Betting Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Esports soon will become an official part of the Olympics and League of Legends has merits for that.

League of Legends wagering has ushered in a period of change not only in the entertainment industry but has impacted online gambling a great deal too. Esports are in the short strokes of becoming an official part of the Olympics and this all the more whipped up the interest in them.

Most bookies still pay little honor to titles like LoL, which took over the world of competitive gaming, but at the same time, there are those that boast odds on the full gamut of LoL tournaments. Don’t worry, you don’t need the reflexes of a ninja veteran in order to make predictions, leave the dangerous stunts to the pros.

Nevertheless, you have to first learn the basics before diving head-on into League of Legends betting. Let us frame out the basics and give you some tips that will surely help you stay ahead of the game.

Where to Start – League of Legends 101

Learn the rules and your journey from newbie to veteran is sure to be enjoyable.

LoL is a proof of concept title that follows in the footsteps of a notable predecessor. The game gives a new lease of life to the old concept of three-corridor battleground initially introduced by IceFrog’s Defense of the Ancients. Indeed, Riot Games took a leaf out of Dota’s book, but players with experience in eSports punting are certainly not choking back tears.

After you chalk up enough experience points playing or watched enough pro games to get a feel for it, you’ll have a starting knowledge base to guide you when making a prediction. If that seems too obvious, it’s still the only rational thing to do because the in-game specifics can be overwhelming at first.

For the untrained eye, it may seem that the game has a mind of its own. There is a neutral force, that can influence to a great extent the outcome of a League of Legends match. That’s the monsters, often referred to as creeps, which drive an interesting dynamic into the action. Slaying dragons, the Rift Herald or Baron Nashor gives an advantage to the party that accomplished the feat. This is usually done with the help of a “jungler”. It means that one of the players takes on the job to slay the monsters throughout the game.

Not all characters are fit for this job though. A big tell if a player is going to be dealing primarily with jungle monsters is their loadout. Which, we know, is yet one more thing to be on the lookout for, but being aware of it is important because junglers can tip the scales in favor of their team at any time. Later on, you could even take part in the more intricate wagers like which team will kill the Rift Herald.

Why Is Betting on League of Legends Profitable?

Most tournaments begin with a series of rounds where you can get familiar with the teams.

If you’re looking for a cut-and-dry answer – the best part about League of Legend betting is the in-play. Punters who feel most comfortable in the thick of the action can wager live on the battle of their choice. The icing on the cake, however, is the absolutely free and stunning live feed available on Twitch for every big match. In this way, the delay of the live cast is neglectable and will not cramp your style of wagering.

There’s one more thing that makes LoL betting a stomping ground of novelty punters and that is the fact that most matches are decided in a series of rounds, which gives you a chance to study how each team plays and put to use your observations in the later stages. Wagering on the individual rounds gives you a clean slate every time a round starts much like games and sets in tennis.

On a side note, League of Legends is already worldwide, so there’s an unprecedented variety of tournaments you can bet on all year long. LoL betting is not limited to just one country or continent, it goes beyond that. We don’t have the space to factor in all tournaments in our overview, what you need to know is that you have ample choice with the bookies of high tier.

League of Legends Betting Tips

LoL betting just like every other form of gambling has its intricacies that can instantly increase your chances of winning. We’ll give you some pointers on how to better the premeditation process and hopefully start raking in the cash. Make sure to commit those to memory because although there’s no paved way to success, your effort will not fall on stony ground. Let’s look at what’s of central importance when wagering on League of Legends.

Watch Replays

Before jumping in at the deep, we thoroughly recommend you watch a few pro replays. In fact, you can watch as many as you want, there are many YouTube and Twitch channels that will fit you out with choice League of Legends replays. Not only is it entertaining to spectate high echelon battles, but you will quickly learn the habits of the pros and start capitalizing on the newly obtained perception.

Get to Know the Players

Professional gamers are, more often than not, part of a team and are getting paid a healthy figure to play full time. You must know what players play in what team because each one of them, same as Dota2 brings in a different skill set. One way to stay posted is team Liquid’s liquipedia. When you get to know the best players and learn to distinguish them you’ll have a better idea as to how to go about comparing two teams.

Patch Fixes

LoL is one of the most frequently updated MOBA titles. The constant changes in the gameplay mean that you should pay attention to the release notes. As a rule of thumb, you must stay informed of which is the latest stable tournament version of the game. On a different note, maybe the first thing you want to check is what is the map selected for the current match. Most of the time it will be Summoners Rift, but it’s still worth the extra legwork because the rules of engagement are quite different for each map.

How to Bet on League of Legends

Match Winner and Map Winner are the most popular League of Legends bets.

The proliferation of eSports began against a backdrop of expanding online gambling industry. It then comes as no surprise that, in its core, LoL betting incorporates mingled together the best of both worlds. By way of example, we’ll feature real odds and lines from a reputable sportsbook whose specialty is League of Legends betting in all its glory.

Right from the get-go, we could see a striking number of markets cued up and ready for action. Match Winner, Map Winner, Correct Score, Total Maps Played, Decider Map Played, First Blood, Total Kills etc. Let’s smooth out what all those mean.

By and large, the LoL bookies are big on the map-related betting lines, that’s why we predominantly see propositions of this type. They are one of the best ways to get involved.

If you have an in-depth knowledge about the teams and are dead sure at what point one of them is going to trail by the other, your best move will be predicting the Map Winner or Total Maps Played. A little bit of an insider knowledge too is required when trying to predict which team will draw first blood, but armed with that, you can score a quick win even before the 5-minute mark.

To Recap

eSports are not only for the technologically minded of punters, but it’s also a fun and lucrative betting market and an overall good place to start punting. With its uncontrived appeal and odds, it’s not hard to take a liking to League of Legends betting. What’s more, it’s easy to learn and more and more bookies are homing in on accommodating the electronic sports fans by means of promotions and special signup offers. Don’t take a rain check on this one, you’re missing out!

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