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Dota 2 Betting – Sites, Tips and an Expert Know-How

Dota 2 is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game played in the eSports industry.

Dota 2 has come a long way since the map first made its appearance in Warcraft III, but even back then it was obvious it’s going places. The game has always been a hotspot for intense action and a magnet for huge prize pools. Nowadays, at a push, we could proclaim it the widest-spread form of mass entertainment.

Dota 2 is the all-time most popular game on Steam, a fact that creates room for thriving bookmaking pivoted on its success. Nowadays, Valve’s creation is driving the major shifts in the eSports world, filling in areas like nobody’s business and inducing avid crowdfunding for every major event. It’s hard to determine where such popularity derives from, but one thing is for certain – Dota 2 is going places.

While not widely diverging from the other forms of betting, Dota 2 wagering has its own mindboggling bits and pieces. The developers themselves are running a tight ship, and try to stay on top of their game with new releases and features, which makes things like skin betting possible. We’ll not leave you divested from the tips and tricks that we tested out and know to work well.

What to Expect from Dota 2 as a Punter?

Dota 2 map is comprised of two sides, one for the Radiant faction, and one for the Dire faction.

Although the layout of the terrain remains one and the same, this is a wholesome game that involves many twists and turns, and where one last swing of the pendulum could lay to waste your efforts or reward you with a resounding win. Basically, two teams of five players are trying to establish dominance over a symmetrical map.

Defense of the Ancients is super action-intense and induces lots of interesting wager lines on behalf of the game-aware bookies. From titanic clashes in the middle of the field to furious raids and wowing flank attacks, you can see it all. Twists and turns are not excluded either, bespeaking a sterling sports identity, in a moment of brilliance, an underdog hero-class could pick up the slack and turn the tides of the battle.

The end goal is to demolish the enemy Ancient, erected deep into the opposing team’s territory. Some of the best sportsbooks will let you wager every step of the way to your heart’s content, not just on the outright winner. Some of the most sought-after lines are Map Advantage, First Blood, First to 10 Kills, Total Kills and Total Time. Obviously, the names speak for themselves, so that even the rookies can comprehend the objectives of the different bets.

How to Bet on Dota 2 Using Real Money

Doing a research is crucial if you want to increase your chances to make a winning bet.

As we pointed out already, there are a number of quality lines to choose from if you’ve decided to commit a part of your bankroll to bet on Defence of the Ancients 2. A staple line you could find on any of the sites we recommend is Match Winner. The interest in those markets has been soaring ever since 2014 and placing a valid wager on eSports as well as Dota 2 is one of the easiest things to do.

It will inevitably have a separate markets section, just like the rest of the big eSports titles. There, all covered tournaments should be enlisted along with the scheduled fixtures therein. Some sites are pushing the envelope trying to give odds on every tournament, but even their markets would experience downtime at a certain time of year.

Again, research is crucially important when sorting out which tournament should take priority. Liquipedia could be an invaluable source of information in this respect.

Another important thing is that you can’t backpedal from a bet, so no matter if pre-match or In-play, you should stay sharp and execute your wagers with the utmost precision.

Can I Leverage Dota 2 In-Play?

Not only can you do that, but punting in-play is considered the focal point of Dota 2 betting sites. The game has become one of the most spectacular eSports to watch not by chance. It can deliver tons of unforeseen turn of event that proves to be irresistible to sportsbooks on the make and punters alike. Given the action-packed nature of Defense of the Ancients, placing wagers live seems like the logical thing to do and you aren’t going to miss out. Pretty much, every top-tier bookmaker will consider live bets to be of top priority, so you should have no problem making a play on your favorite matchups while the action is unfolding.

Dota 2 Betting Sites – How to Spot an Apposite Operator?

Finding a highly esteemed operator with a range of betting options that compliments the game is more of a challenge than actually placing wagers on Dota 2. To begin with, not all bookmakers necessarily have an eSports section. On the bright side, there’s this new wave of forward-thinking bookies, that propound the idea of eSports and cryptocurrency gambling altogether. Most of them center around everything that has to do with Electronic Sports, while offering athletic sport lines on the side. The key characteristics of those sites are:

Look for a betting site that offers live coverage of all major tournaments and a wide range of odds.
  • Extensive coverage of Dota 2 tournaments
  • Loads of betting options and adequate odds
  • Stellar In-Play Service extending to every Dota 2 match

A quality Dota 2 betting site like Unibet should have quick links to the live and upcoming battles and feature all tournaments of the Dota Pro Circuit or at the very least “The International”, since it’s the concluding and most exciting one for the year.

Aside from an expansive choice for wagering, the top performing eSports sites help you come to grips with the common depositing issues by means of innovative payment methods like Bitcoin. The popular cryptocurrencies, as well as other easy and reliant deposit methods, are an intrinsic component of the best Dota 2 betting sites.

Try a Different Tack – Go Skin Betting

Dota2 skins serve absolutely no real purpose except for altering the appearance of different parts of the game, but they are really wanted by players.

Your skins sure look good, but there’s more where they came from if you’re willing to gamble. For the uninitiated, skins are virtual items like apparel, that give the in-game characters a brand new and unique look. They hold a very tangible value and can be exchanged for real money or, in the case of topical importance, be wagered. You might’ve heard of Diablo 3 and how the self-governed item market brought the game into disrepute.

Valve Corporation has given the green light to Dota 2 item selling on the Steam Community Market, similar to CS:GO skin betting, while item betting is a whole new balls game.

Unfortunately, not all sites that deal in this type of goods are legitimate and the way they do business more often than not rings hollow. This is a niche that, as of yet is not regulated with the necessary assiduousness, so that we can recommend it both hands up. We’ve featured this alternative to real money betting for its fun factor it’s an outlet for your spare skins, should you decide to put them at risk.

Does Dota 2 Betting Stack Up Against Sports Betting?

It’s often insisted that watching or playing video games isn’t the best pastime. However, Dota 2 betting, in combination with a renowned bookie to prop up your endeavors, let you take matters into your own hands. The game is making headway into the field of competitive sports and betting at the same time and now, there’s nothing to stifle its growth.

In other words, the Dota 2 wagering lines measure up to the best, most lucrative opportunities for gambling. They give a free pass to the staggering excitement and great odds. You can bet on a whopping range of tournament games all year round, which solidifies the Defence of the Ancients markets not just as an alternative but a main and noteworthy activity.

We believe that the game will continue to evolve as too many multimillion companies are duty-bound to keep it that way. With this, we expect new and exotic betting markets to find their way to the online gambling scene. Having said that, we think that our brief overview, as well as our other eSports reviews, are a good place to start.

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