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Bovada Review – Latest Bonuses and Games Reviewed

Bovada is an ambitious operator delivering a Vegas-style online casino and a world-class sportsbook at one blow. Both on paper and in reality their business plan holds water and keeps exciting the curiosity of players around the globe.

We hear you asking the question “is this the right sports betting provider for me though?” and you’ll be in the right to bring that up – no review should be taken as read when your hard-earned cash is at stake. We know that very well and will substantiate our point of view by performing a thorough analysis on all key features that ought to have money-making properties. One of the key factors we’re going to be sifting through is the Bovada eSports betting markets.

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  • Minimum bet: $1 | Accepts Bitcoin | Fast withdrawals and customer support
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How to Create an Account

It all starts with the push of the big red button in the upper right corner labeled “Join”. Next, you have to provide basic information about yourself, nothing too intricate really. This is a standard procedure that meets no backlash today because, at this level, personal information is handled with due diligence and used only for the purpose plainly stated in the privacy policy of the company. Before proceeding to your newly created account, you’ll be asked to choose a 4-digit security code and make a deposit.

Depositing for the First Time

Bovada gives you the opportunity to use bitcoins to fund your bankroll.

The first impression for a modernistic operator ties in perfectly with the integrated payment methods on the site. Topmost, as if mounted on a pedestal, we find the over-glorified bitcoin.

If you already have a wallet jingling with bitcoins, this would be the safest and less demanding on your time way to kickstart your Bovada bankroll. Similar to what we pointed out first, the younger brother of bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash is just as practicable of a solution.

If you are in the habit of dealing with the good old plastic bank cards, a Visa, MasterCard or American Express will do just fine too.

Bovada’s Security Level

Despite gaining momentum in a short period of time Bovada didn’t allow itself to get carried away so as to forget what matters the most. The company’s betting website is using secure HTTP and has a valid identity certificate as per the standard safety requirements for betting operators.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a Trustwave banner or anything indicating that transactions are made over an encrypted connection. Neither did we find an operating license issued by a regulatory body. While this may not look like an innocuous observation, we don’t consider it a blunder, because an operator with that many years of experience in online gambling knows how to ward off malevolent activity.

Bovada Bonus for New Customers

Bovada gives you one of the biggest sports betting bonuses on the market.

If you go in for betting play-by-play, this feature can send you on a roll in no time. Not that the pre-match lines have gone by the board, but with the live mar

Off the top of our head, there aren’t that many bookie names we can come up with, that offer sports betting bonus that big. One doesn’t need to be an expert to figure that $250 is a lot of money.

While the figure rolls off the tongue easily, on the other side of the spectrum, we find that it’s just a 50% match. Be that as it may, both sports and horse race lovers get an even break to fulfill the requirements, which Is a 5x turnover on both the initial deposit and bonus.

The additional 50% stake was ready for wagering, as per advertised, in less than 30 minutes after our deposit. Crediting the bonus this quickly to your bankroll, we’re sure, will assuage even the malcontent of punters.

Placing a Bet on Bovada’s Platform

We came to realize that everything on Bovada’s site is designed to be easy and logical. So is the placing wagers business. If we were to play it by the book, the first thing that comes to mind would be to get sufficient information for the match we’re going to bet on. The bookie is helping a great deal with that, considering the detailed database of matchup previews at hand.

When you’re ready to take an informed decision, just select the odds that illustrate your prediction best. Once you have your selections lined up in the betting slip, just choose how to combine them – as a single bet or using a particular system.

Bovada Live Betting

The live betting section is easy to navigate and with lots of betting selections.

If you go in for betting play-by-play, this feature can send you on a roll in no time. Not that the pre-match lines have gone by the board, but with the live markets Bovada gives its customers the freedom to wager in their own time on a match while the ball is still in play.

The sportsbook is willing to go the distance priding itself on the exhaustive selection of sports for live wagering. We are on the same wavelength as the operator on that matter. Every sport listed in the section has a profit-making capability.

The line-up consists of baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey, volleyball and some rare findings like table tennis and snooker. As you can see, the section is not wall-to-wall MLB and NFL, which is a genuine reverence towards the non-US customers.

Sports Markets

The sportsbook is one of the flagship products of Bovada, but they pay big attention to eSports too.

Not only does Bovada deal in sports betting, but its assortment of sports markets didn’t fail to impress us. Selecting the All Sports (A-Z) button unrolls a well-thought list of sports to choose from. The bookie has factored in American sports as well as European favorites like soccer, horse racing, and tennis. Good thing, there’re Quick Links above the fold to keep us posted on the leagues that gain the most betting traction.

Can one really age out of video games? If we’re judging by the popularity of this novelty sport, it’s highly unlikely to get a positive answer to that question. eSports are the talk of the town, and there has been a shift in emphasis that took place in sportsbooks like Bovada.

Now instead of goals and halftime score, you get rewarded for predicting the number of kills and the map winner. This is not surprising us, however, because reeling the eSports markets off reveals predominantly CS: GO and League of Legends lines.

For instance, you can spread out your stake between the maps that are going to be played. The game is CS: GO, for instance, you receive separate odds for Map 1, 2 and 3 winners, which you can back as you like. By not putting all eggs in one basket it’s guaranteed that you’ll be on your toes until the very end of the event you’re watching. Other games that occur in the scope of Bovada are Dota 2 and StarCraft II.

Bovada Betting Options – How to Give Impetus to Your Wagers

As for the types of bets that are supported, we can outline two categories: the economy and opportunistic, which involves bigger stakes. If you want to keep a lid on your spendings, the platform lets you string together several selections (the so-called parlay) and combine them into a single bet. This increases the potential return without the need for a big stake. On the other hand, if you want to commit more money why not combine multiple parlays with a round robin? To pull the tread even further, we’d like to mention teasers, point spread, money lines, futures, which offer an entirely different course of action.

Is Bovada eSports Available on the App too?

With Bovada Mobile, you can enjoy betting on props, futures, betting lines and In-Play betting as well as poker and casino.

There’s this somewhat controversial application circulating the App Store called Bovada Bet Tracker. Some punters find it to be brilliant and others shrug it off and don’t know what to make of it. Let’s not understate what the bookie has done for its mobile customers. This is a bet tracker first of all, and it functions accordingly, allowing you to keep up with all your wagers and keeping you informed of the relevant results.

Esports betting is another important part of Bovada app as wagers of this sort can also be monitored directly on your smartphone or tablet. This gives grounds for even bigger expectations for the near future.

Much as we like the idea to create such an application, some punters prefer to have the full package of goodies in one place. It’s generally good practice to have a web-based platform to deliver all the essentials for successful sports betting. Bovada’s mobile site is truly a one-stop shop for punters who are knee-deep in work or other everyday activities. With a quick tap, you can add the site to your favorites and even create a shortcut on your home screen.

Once this setup is done, you’ll have the best of Bovada cs: go betting and many other sports lines handy. You get to experience the full range of the company services via a single mobile-friendly site. Live betting, horses or a quick swerve to the casino, navigate to the desired segment directly from the main page.

The Verdict

There you have it, Bovada’s strengths and imperfections. Maybe we were a little harsh here and there but how would you learn the important tidbits of information if we tap-dance around the truth? The top spots are well within the bookie’s reach, and we are sure this is where the company will be heading to if it tightens up the screws on the developer department. It’s time for a nice, contemporary innate application with Cash Out and the option to construct a custom bet on the move. If we take that small remark away, Bovada seems to be an excellent sportsbook with realistic goals and relevant service.

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